Why Install an Air Source Heat Pump?

What is an ASHP

Air Source Heat pumps have been around for many years; they have over the years become more efficient in converting ambient air into space heating and hot water. Laymen’s terms ASHPs work like a fridge, put your hand at the back and its hot whereas the inside is cold, but in reverse. In today’s Green revolution and carbon reductions these are becoming ever more popular and the UK Government is looking to reduce our dependence on Gas, which is right to help reduce our dependence on Gas will untimely reduce Carbon. The Government is incentivising us to become greener by offering cash to install ASHPs. As of October 2020, the Government is handing out cash to take advantage of installing a much greener heating & hot water system.

How Does an ASHP Work

ASHP’s have an external fan unit that draws ambient air from the outside and the refrigerant converts the cold air to heat compressing and raising the temperature allowing you to use this for your space heating and hot water needs. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there saying they do not work very efficiently which sadly is a myth. Below is a diagram showing in detail how they work. Most ASHPs can extract heat at temperatures of -15 degrees, which when you think about that is incredible, believe me they do what they say.

What is COP or SCOP

(co-efficient of performance or Seasonal co-efficient) simply put it is a measure of performance. For example, COP is how many units of renewable energy are produced by the system and SCOP is again how many units of renewable energy but over the season. If you run an ASHP over the year, then you have seasonal differences, the temperature fluctuates. For example, over the season (SCOP) one unit of cost into an ASHP will produce 3 units of renewable heat out, whereas the system is (COP) one unit of cost will produce 3.5 to 4 units of heat. Thank about a Gas boiler even the most efficient boilers are about 96% efficient but one unit of cost will produce less than one unit of heat so not very efficient against ASHPs.

What is the cost to run an ASHP

When considering an ASHP you must make sure that you have a full design completed, which would confirm the cost of electric to run the compressor. However, if you look at Gas we have been lucky with how cheap this has been for many years and if you compare running costs of Gas at say 5p per unit to electric at 15p then in general you should see some saving. But therefore, the design is particularly important to be completed by a competent installation company, we are all moving away from Gas and I believe Gas prices are only going to rise over time.