There are over 170,000 registered businesses in Scotland. These businesses use water in some shape or form, and many of them might not even know that they could be slashing costs on water bills.

Whether you have a new business getting ready to operate for the first time, or are wondering if there are benefits by switching water provider, Premier Utilities can help make make the journey simple and painless.

Our business services help do everything from getting to grips with wastewater management, help to ensure any new connections aren’t blindly costing you money, and understand what your business’s current water set-up & usage is like to see where savings can be made.

No business should have to dedicate time and effort checking if their water usage is good, their waste management is efficient, and their bills are right to the penny.

Some companies can feel like their current water bills seem a little inflated or just off what they ideally could be. We know that every business uses water differently and in such a way that billing shouldn’t be tiered or overestimated.

When any business gets in touch, our first priority is always to see if bills can come down and improvements can be made which don’t have any significant impact on the day to day running of a business.

We also support business in energy efficiency through our Renewables division – providing Solar, Air Source and other cost-savings products to make your business as efficient, and as profitable, as possible.

What we offer?

Premier Water offer low cost high value water services to domestic and commercial property owners.
We work with schools, local authorities, commercial, and domestic property owners; and our qualified technical team have completed a number of projects nationwide.

Our business has been built on the twin strengths of personal recommendation and value for money, which is how we’ve established a solid reputation for high quality yet affordable work in the industry.

Our workforce is composed of only experienced and accredited tradesmen, so you can be sure that Premier Water will do an excellent job with lasting results.

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