Older Properties

If your property has floor boards then in most cases drafts are more apparent, the cold air rises up through the floor boards and carpets, in some cases you can see the carpet rise as the cold air penetrates up into your home. This is like your loft where heat rises then without loft insulation it’s lost through the roof, same as your floor your heat in your room is lost due to the cold air rising into your home. Underfloor insulation is designed to minimise cold air rising ensuring that your home retains the heat and keeps your home warmer and more efficient.

Newer Properties

New Homes differ considerably and most have solid concrete floors on the ground. A couple of options can be considered, a rigid insulation can be laid on top of the existing floor helping to reduce the cold from the concrete through your carpets and again retaining the heat within your property or if the floor needs replacing then insulation can be installed.

Underfloor Insulation

In most properties about 10% of the heat generated within your property is lost through your floors, underfloor insulation allows you to minimise the loss and maintain your heat where you want it, keeping the floors warmer in the winter months. At Premier Connections our ECO division can complete your survey to identify how the insulation measures can be implemented taking into account eligibility for the Government Grant scheme. Premier do all the work ensuing you have full availability of the grants that’s available to you.

Are you eligible for free insulation?

Homeowner can benefit from the Government funding, eligibility will depend on whether you can access the grant for underfloor insulations. Contact our ECO division and our trained consultant we help you through the process and find out if you can benefit from the Government Grants.

What types of underfloor insulation are available?

There a number of different types of insulation for your floors, this depends on a number of factors, below we have listed what types are available.

  • Silver Foil – Quality foil insulation
  • Sheep’s wool insulation – 100% sheep’s wool, natural with excellent insulating values
  • Superglass fibreglass – installed below your existing floor
  • Insulation boards – installed in the older properties with timber floors

Advantages of underfloor insulation

  • Reduces energy bills
  • Improve you property EPC rating
  • Reduces Heat loss
  • Reduces draughts from floors and skirtings

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