At Premier Renewable we DesignDevelop and Deliver Solar PV Systems for the commercial sector, with a wealth of experience combined with Technical & Installation divisions. Premier Connections is deeply passionate about what we do and believe very strongly in our environment. At Premier Connections we operate a very comprehensive renewable turnkey solution, whether Rooftop or Ground Mounted Solar Systems.
PPA is an agreement between the Client and the investor/owner of the renewable System. Power generated from the solar system will be utilised by the Client at his premises at a lower price per kWh than the Grid. “Free Solar” offer thousands of pounds saving to credible organisations that are interested in saving energy and help to enhance Green Credentials without the headache of maintaining and managing their own system, with a PPA you benefit from the savings and the investor/owner manage & maintain the system.

No Upfront Costs or Maintenance Fees

A PPA is designed, installed and managed by the Investor/Owner for the agreed period and in most cases at the end of the agreed term the Solar System is gifted to the Client. It’s very important to understand that the responsibility of the investor is to ensure the system is maintained and working at full capacity throughout the term, it’s not in the interest of the investor/owner not to maintain the system throughout the agreement term otherwise the investor benefit is reduced like the Clients.

How Can You Qualify for a PPA?

Contact our friendly team at the office who can guide you through the process. As a starting point we firstly need to understand site energy usage and in general for high energy consumers you would be on HHD (half Hourly Data) from your energy company. Once we understand your energy usage, we then complete full CAD design work to understand what potentially could be generated from your roof or ground, which in turn will reflect what size system would benefit the Client’s requirements.

PPA Benefits

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