Premier Connections are pleased to announce the acquisition of 33% of JUST ORDER IT – the simplest and most cost effective system for independent take aways and restaurants to service customers online, through order placement for delivery or collection, which fully integrates into the companies own website, facebook account and internal CRM / POS system, allowing a seamless customer experience, and increasing the margin available to the outlet.

The restaurant or take away will no longer have to hand over significant margin to traditional “app” based ordering systems, and instead invest locally in their own promotions, marketing and customer incentives.   The business can self-manage their presence, which will allow them the flexibility to offer special promotions at quiet times, or market directly to their established customer base.
We anticipate that a take away currently listed with one of the “big 3” takeaway apps loses around £1500-3000 per week in revenue due to the servicing fees – JUST ORDER IT has no such fees.
The technical development of the App is completed, and Premier Connections are assisting in the marketing and ongoing in-field support for new clients to the business, which has already exceeded target customer numbers for 2020.

The investment made by Premier Connections will mean that the team at JUST ORDER IT can ensure that all B2B customers have the functionality and ability to customise their customers experience, whilst avoiding the high fees associated with the larger players in the marketplace.

Through our connections services, we are also able to support our clients with industry-leading Utility & Telecoms packages, as well as offer them M&E services at discounted rates through the Premier M&E division.