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SolarEdge is a global leader within the smart technology, solar solution industry. In 2006 SolarEdge changed the way of collecting and managing data and energy performance. Today SolarEdge is a global leader within the industry, offering smart technology solutions throughout the world focusing on innovated solutions that power our lives and drive future innovated technology. The company trades on the NASDAQ a global leader in inverter technology combined with strong and stable finances. The company from conception has shipped systems to over 130 countries across five continents with some 1.5Million inverters and over 40 million power optimisers.
Traditional string inverters merely interrupt current flow, and voltage remains dangerously high. Automated DC breakers located within the inverters cannot disconnect the voltage on the modules, adding cost without reducing the risk. Rooftop installation disconnection switches can only terminate current flow from the Array to the inverter. The modules, modules cables and cable run to the inverters remain fully energised and dangerous whilst there is daylight.
Safe DC is an innovated solution by SolarEdge Technologies. First responders called out to an emergency commonly shut down the power supply to the building. However, if the building has solar the modules will continuously generate a DC voltage and taking into account each module will output 30-60 Volts when connected to a string of modules can reach 600-1500V which of course can be dangerous for maintenance personnel and first responders during an emergency. With SolarEdge all module level outputs are reduced to 1 Volt per module.
SolarEdge with Safe DC feature offers complete safety for firefighters, personnel working on solar PV systems and removes the risk of electrocution. The SolarEdge Safe DC feature is certified in Europe.

PV power harvesting system consists of panel optimisers connected to individual modules, a PV Inverter, and module-level monitoring. Additionally, SolarEdge systems have been built with safety in mind (SAFE-DC) a SolarEdge safety feature that reduces safety risks. When optimisers are connected, solar modules continuously operate only if the inverter is sending a constant renewed signal from the inverter.

Should the signal stop due to the inverter not working or shut down, the safe DC mode feature will automatically shut down the DC current also the output voltage to each module and string wires. Safe mode, output voltage of each module will equal 1Volt so will become safe for responders etc.

Secure Your Investments

Secure Your Investments

Harvest more power from individual modules, mitigate power losses due to mismatch between modules maximising power generation for each module. With SolarEdge the weaker modules will not have any impact on strong modules within the strings.

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