Design Consultation

The design consultation stage starts with a thorough site survey. This site survey captures all of the relevant details from site, enabling the architectural team to draft a full set of existing plans – the platform to build upon. 
The design consultation starts in earnest once the existing plans have been completed, with an on site meeting, using a full set of scaled drawings to take notes and make sketches. Ideas, concepts and designs begin to crystalize at this stage. 

What we offer

All of the themes and principles discussed during the site consultation are then developed in the architectural office, where they are subject to internal review. As a company we promote peer review, which forms an essential part of the creative process, encouraging the sharing of ideas to develop best practice.
Through an ongoing revision process, the proposals are fine tuned until you are happy with all elements. The design consultation is concluded only when our clients sign off on every detail. 

So what happens next?

Our team will then advise on whether or not planning permission is required, to determine where the process goes next. 
At this stage, one is able to consider potential development consts. If a builder has already been appointed, or there is a tender shortlist of potential contractors, then you may wish to get some estimates, before closing the design consultation process. Alternatively, we have the resources internally to estimate construction costs on your behalf – offering some independent insight into potential development costs. 

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