PPA Battery Storage Solutions

Like Solar, we can offer a Power Purchase Agreement for Battery Storage. This would work in conjunction with the solar PPA allowing the Client to harvest the power generated from solar and use it in the normal way, then surplus energy can be stored for other operational peak load times. We offer two types of battery storage, Lithium/Carbon both are similar, although both have pros and cons. For example, Carbon costs less and produces less cycles, whereas Lithium produces more cycles and costs more, but it really depends on the application and how the storage facility is being used. Although, there are other differences to consider. When designing Solar and Battery systems there are a lot of factors, whether running frequency response, operational hours, peak loadings etc, these all need consideration. We can supply & integrate storage facilities into existing Renewable technology to help to increase solar generated power when and where needed.
Rack Independent (BRI) Battery System is a hot swappable battery containment solution that incorporates the SAFEGUARD battery monitoring system. Designed to work with the Power Tower Modular solutions the BRI System provides the complete modular package. The system can be installed into any 19” rack that is 1000mm deep and suitable for the weight of the battery. Rack Independent UPS solutions can also be integrated with modular battery solutions. Typically, suitable for applications for 200kVA for 10 minutes autonomy or combinations of more autonomy but less power capacity. Rack Independent UPS solutions can also be integrated with modular battery solutions. Typically, suitable for 8U applications for 200kVA for 10 minutes autonomy or combinations of more autonomy but less power capacity.
The BATTERY SAFEGUARD Monitoring System is key to guarding your battery to ensure that when required the battery can provide the necessary support to your UPS. Continuous monitoring of Voltage and Temperature provides immediate alarms to show of any existing issues within the system. The SAFEGUARD voltage monitoring is based on identifying if there is any imbalance between the 12VDC battery blocks as well as monitoring the battery cabinet temperature in three positions within the cabinet. The system then provides alarms and visual indications that the system is outside its optimum voltage or temperature range.

Battery Storage Solutions

For applications requiring much longer backup time or the UPS capacity exceeds the normal data centre room requirements. Design and manufacture their own PowerStor battery range and have a versatile range of sealed lead acid battery with suitable AGM of Gel sealed technology for both 12-year and 15-year design life.

Lithium Battery Storage Solutions​

In certain applications where space is restricted, and a huge density power storage is required in perhaps a hostile environment with high temperature variations, a more advanced battery solution might be a better solution. Lithium technology is now becoming well proven and understood for powering larger applications. BPC Energy has a 48-volt rack mounts Lithium Ion Module, which is developed for energy storage and standby applications.

PPA Battery Storage Solutions

Rack Independent Online Double Conversion UPS

PowerTower Green RIT06
6kVA – 36kVA
The Power-Tower Green RIT06 series is a rack independent modular UPS of low and medium power developed by BPC. With a flexible structure, it can be embedded into any standard 19″ cabinet and can be configured to operate in any requirement.  Ranging from 6-36kVA using 6kVA modules in a functional rack-independent solution, the Power-Tower Green RIT06 Series is ideal for the space conscious enterprise networking manager. 

Optimise Your Capital Investment

Optimise Your Capital Investment Power-Tower Green can be scaled in vertical modular steps up to 1200kVA of power in a single frame, providing a cost-effective method of building any data centre without oversizing that can result in energy waste. 

True ‘Hot Swap’ Capability

Power-Tower modular UPS operates a true hot swap technology where each power module is automatically synchronised to the load sharing of the system. The monitoring module, static transfer switch (STS) modular are also designed to be hot swappable, making system maintenance easy. The process of replacement or vertical scalability is easily achieved, and hot swapping means no downtime and the service/operating personnel do not require any special skills. 

Easy Installation & Operation

The Power-Tower Green CMS offers a flexible install, so assembly time is greatly reduced. Bottom and top entry with generous cable management will simplify the more difficult installation.  Options are available for Galvanic Isolation Transformer cabinet, front 10″ colour screen display, improved battery management, frequency conversion, conformal coating, input & output switchge

Power-Tower Green CMS

Online Double Conversion Modular UPS 10kVA – 1200kVA (Parallelable up to 4.8MVA) The PowerTower Green CMS Modular UPS covers 6kVA – 1200kVA capacity in a single frame and delivers the best combination of reliability, functionality and scalability at a competitive price. Designed for data centres, computer systems and critical applications, this innovative and reliable power system commits to meet market requirements.

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